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  • - Dante H.

    "Normally, my head starts to itch after getting my hair braided. It's been a week and I haven't scratched once."

  • - Devon C.

    "Can you make your stuff that makes my head feel like a cloud again?"

  • - Vince W.

    "This is Voodoo. You gave me some oils to put on my head and 3 weeks later I have hair growing where I've been bald for 15 years!"

  • - Sarah J.

    "After years of searching, I found my hair care holy grail with this e-commerce brand. Their natural products have transformed my hair health. Thank you!"

  • - Deborah S.

    "The two products I currently use is the Hair Growth & Scalp Oil and the Conditioning & Repair Hair Mask. I started to use only these products April 2023, now seven months later I have seen much growth."

  • - Emily A.

    "Loved the hair growth oil and leave in conditioner. The oil container was vey convenient and easy to close back up. Shipping was super fast and the packaging was so cute. It looks like they took the time to send your items with care. Definitely recommend."